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35 South is anchored by a startup culture and data-driven delivery approach. We put our clients at the centre of everything we design, develop, and deliver to drive game-changing impacts, real value, and great user experiences.35 South supports our clients with a suite of capabilities that enhance performance, deliver insights, drive outcomes and benefits, increase transparency, and support decision-making.All of our work is centred around using data to drive insights.We are Australian-owned.
We are a truly sovereign capability.
We are employee-owned and managed.
We are local, we employ locally and we build local capabilities.

If you are interested in being part of a firm that values the development of skills, has a strong sense of community and delivers outcomes for a broad range organisations, then connect with us and lets explore some options...

At 35 South, our focus is on our client’s most critical challenges and the areas where they have the best opportunity for transformative change.We research frameworks, models, and tools to bring our clients a ‘way forward’ based on evidence coupled with an approach that delivers tangible outcomes.Our list of capabilities is narrow, but our depth is immense and this gives us the ability to deliver sustainable and measurable results for our clients.When partnering with 35 South, you are partnering with a sovereign company, that contributes to the local economy. We support a range of local community organisations and not-for-profits who deliver exceptional value and support to our community.Our team comes from Government, industry, and the Big 4 firms. We bring focused capability, strong technical skill, and experience that the ‘big’ firms offer, but delivered as a local, sovereign capability without the ‘significant’ overhead, cost, and distraction.

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.

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About 35 South

The name of our firm (team) is based on the 35th parallel south latitude line that runs through Canberra.35 South resonates with our team as it links with Canberra (where we live), through Government (who we support).

35 South is an Australian-owned, managed and operated business. We are local, we employ locals and we deliver capabilities locally. We are not registered overseas, our profits do not go overseas and we pay no royalties to member firms overseas. We certainly do not look overseas for guidance or permission.35 South was established by former 'Big 4' consulting partners and many of our team bring Big 4 skills and approaches to engagements, we have a focus on being present, delivering real value and being innovative in our approaches.35 South is committed to supporting organisations on their journey to become truly efficient and effective, using data and evidence to support decision-making, being insight-driven, and meeting their priorities and mission.We are focused on supporting decision-making by organisations, ensuring the right level of resourcing is allocated to the highest priorities and ultimately unleashing the value of data across an organisation to improve effectiveness and efficiency.We support organisations to deliver efficient and effective outcomes and benefit to Australians in support of Australia’s national interest.Our firm commenced in 2021 when a few of us left the Big 4 'world' as we wanted something different. We have a committed and highly capable team focused on our clients and being on the ground with them delivering value and real impact.

Links to our Modern Slavery and Privacy Policies:

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.

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Our Team

We are an employee-owned company with a start-up / can-do attitude, coupled with deep experience and time-tested approaches tailored for Federal and State Governments.We’re passionate about technology and data that are impactful, practical, scalable, and most importantly, that meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.Our team has qualifications in a range of diverse areas (finance, accounting, actuary, medical science, pharmacy, economics, oceanography, intelligence, ICT, and data science) and this creates an environment where openness, trust, and diversity of thinking are front and center.Our team also holds security clearances up to and including the highest levels required by a number of our clients.Many of our team have direct experience in Government (Central, Policy, and Delivery Agencies), in Ministerial support and advisor roles, in the Big 4 (including Partner level), and across the corporate and commercial sectors.

35 South maintains a strong partnership with Coolamon Advisors - a Canberra-based Indigenous strategy and advisory firm.Coolamon was founded by Ms Katrina Fanning AO and supports a broad range of organisations with program design and evaluation, reconciliation action plans (RAPs), and are experts in Indigenous programs and policies.Coolamon is highly regarded in what they do and we are proud to partner with Coolamon on many projects.See more about Coolamon Advisors:

At 35 South, our culture is underpinned by the following:

We approach everything we do with a level of passion and intensity, consistent with the knowledge and understanding that our work is important and meaningful. We think and act like a start-up. Every day is Day 1.We are always interested in finding new and better ways to do things and never satisfied with what we have. We wonder constantly about "what could be” and how we might "solve the unsolvable.”We approach every decision, action, and interaction with an unwavering commitment to being ethical, considerate, transparent, and focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients and team, rather than ourselves.We have the awesome privilege of supporting Government, support Australia. From this starting point, we’ve developed a deep sense of duty to our clients, company, and each other. Our client’s mission is our mission.Interested in joining our team?Connect with us and let's meet in person for an initial chat.

At 35 South, we are focused on building a community of like-minded professionals, aligned in purpose to support our clients achieve their goals.We are a team focused on training and development, on sharing our knowledge and experience, and on supporting each other.Practically, we have a great office in Canberra (Nishi Precinct), close to a number of high-quality cafes. We are also within walking distance of the lake and we are always lifting our game on the amenity we provide the team in the office.The office is like our 'club house', it's where we gather to collaborate, to work, and to get access to the quiet time needed on projects.We have a 'home office Friday' model whereby we encourage the team back to the office every second Friday to work on client engagements and take the opportunity to connect with the team and share knowledge, templates, models, and approaches.Our team offsites are fantastic and are an investment in our team - it also enhances the community element we all seek. We also aim to explore the culinary offerings of the region as a team with regular team suppers at local establishments. And we all enjoy our cool merch.

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.

Our Capabilities

35 South supports Organisations on their journey to become truly data-driven and insight-driven.We bring our experience, capability, the right technology and a determined approach to deliver for our clients – always.

Our capabilities and offerings are focused to support the priorities and emerging needs of the CFO, CIO, CHRO and COO of an organisation.We also support executives tasked with service delivery, program management and bringing capabilities through the lifecycle from acquisition to sustainment and through disposal phases.Our capabilities are focused on where our clients seek support and are aligned to the key areas within our client's organisations, namely:

  • Financial and Economic Model design and development

  • Predictive forecasting using operational data and statistical approaches

  • Activity Based Costing (Budgeting and Funding) to identify the true cost of service delivery and to use activities (outcomes) as a basis for budgeting and not rely upon inputs

  • Zero-based Budgeting and Priority-based Budgeting - bringing modern approaches to align strategy and execution for Agencies (traditional budgeting approaches are input based and do not incorporate priorities and strategic direction)

  • Funding reviews and funding structures including cost recovery modeling and impact statements (CRIS)

  • Fee structure design, modeling, and benchmarking. Fee impact analysis and alignment to cost recovery guidelines.

  • Strategic Cost Reduction and Spend Analysis to identify true spending profile including trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement

  • Benchmarking CFO, CIO, and CHRO activities and functions to identify performance improvement opportunities and cost restructuring insights

  • Investment prioritisation and Decision support

  • Supplier assessment and evaluation

  • Business Case Development (1st and 2nd Pass - Gate 0 to Gate 2)

  • Data modeling, analysis, and visualisation

  • Project Management Support - commercial and business support

  • Procurement support, evaluation (pricing, financial and commercial)

  • Complex costing and cost model design

Our team also invests in new capabilities through training and development opportunities in Australia and overseas.

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.


Our Clients and Industries

Our clients are diverse in scale, purpose, role, and function. They are the key purpose why our firm exists. We treat our clients with absolute confidentiality—we take this very seriously.Our experience spans the Public and Social sectors, which gives us a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship.We do not play in all Industries. We focus on Government and the programs and services Government delivers across Australia. This deliberate strategy ensures we never play both sides of the field. We eliminate conflicts of interest and our clients have absolute assurance of this.We help our clients see their eco-systems differently, and discover opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency - that improve services and infrastructure for citizens.The public sector shapes the framework within which the broader economy and society operate. The social sector (NFP) steps in where governments and markets may fall short in supporting under-served communities.Government spending is heavily scrutinised and 35 South is positioned well to provide the financial and economic insights needed by Agencies to provide the true cost of delivery and to identify strategic cost reduction opportunities. Our focus is on supporting Government to lift the effectiveness and efficiency of Government spending through advanced analytics, and proven approaches.

Federal and State Governments are a priority for our team as are the organisations that support them.Our team also support a broad selection of Universities, NFPs, community organisations and commercial organisations that support the Government.We have worked closely with organisations across Federal, State and Local Governments and we know this environment well. We understand the budget cycle, the financial operating models, and procurement rules and we are focused on bringing benefits and impact to support Government achieve its mission and priorities.Governments exist to strengthen the lives of their citizens. Federal, State, and Local agencies are hyper-focused on providing better services for their citizens and doing so in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner to deliver positive outcomes for Australia.

The following represents a selection of the Agencies we have supported:

  • Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Defence (CIOG, CASG, Defence People Group, ASD, Army, Navy, RAAF)

  • The Treasury

  • Department of Finance

  • National Intelligence Community

  • Digital Transformation Agency

  • National Disability Insurance Agency

  • National Indigenous Australians Agency

  • Bureau of Meteorology

  • Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  • Australian National University

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority

  • Department of Health

  • Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

  • University of Adelaide

  • Department of Education

  • Services Australia

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.

Our Values

At 35 South, our four core values act as our “inner compass” and drive everything we do!Individually and collectively, we use our values every day as a “check-down” to make new decisions, provide guidance, and reaffirm our position.

People @ the CENTRE

People are at the very centre of what we do.Our employees, our clients, our partners, and our communities are all central to our focus.Living in the technology space it’s far too easy to focus solely on the solutions without regard for the people who use them to actually deliver the mission.At 35 South, we are incorporating human-centred design into how we operate internally and how we deliver the best solutions for our clients, so people are always “at the centre.”

Set the PACE

For us, setting the pace is as much about setting the right example as it is about leading from the front.Our innovative, human-centred approach to solution design and our client's important issues set the pace of our teams and approach.
We are driven to deliver for our clients and exceed their expectations.
We test our approaches and conclusions rigorously and we are highly responsive and adaptable.
Setting the pace is not only something that we deliver for our clients, it is anchored in our DNA.

Thrive in being UNCOMFORTABLE

When we step outside our comfort zone, we test the status quo, we explore new boundaries, and we experience the “natural high” of learning.Simply put; we grow.And, when we grow, we thrive as individuals, as an organisation, and most importantly, as a culture.Many of our client's priority issues are not simple, they are sometimes ambiguous, and they often change and evolve.This is often uncomfortable. This is where we thrive.

Empower our Community

We leave the campsite better than we found it – in the communities where we live, work, and play.At 35 South, our employees deploy their “can-do” attitude to help our colleagues, clients, communities, and social causes thrive.We are proactive, collaborative, and kind and we bring a sense of humour. We build positive and trust-based relationships within our team and with our clients.It is in this community we support we create value, benefit, impact and purpose.

Acknowledgement of Country35 South acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, sea and waters, of the area that we live and work across Australia.
We acknowledge their continuing connection to their culture and pay our respects to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
35 South is based in NGUNNAWAL country.

Financial, Forecasting and Costing

Complex Costing and ModellingComplex costing requires a blend of technical financial skills ls, broad experience and knowledge of the target domain.Our resources are naturally talented in developing complex cost models and the artefacts associated with these offerings.We have worked with many Federal Government Departments on a number of different costing domains. Below is a short summary of our most recent engagements in complex costing and modelling:Procurement cost modelling and analytics (supply chain illumination)Activity-based cost modelling to satisfy the Australian Government Charging Framework's requirementsAcquisition analysis of property and infrastructure to support Government priorities and programsDevelopment of Gate 0/1/2 New Policy Proposal cost models to support business cases.Total Cost of Ownership / Whole of Life CostingIn all domains, the acquisition and sustainment costs of systems, platforms, equipment and facilities is a required, yet difficult thing to obtain.In Government, more often than not the focus of investment decisions largely rests on the acquisition value, whereas the total cost of ownership/whole of life cost is a critical input to all investment decision considerations.The TCO is the critical element in Government procurement as this includes the up-front acquisition of the goods or services, the ongoing operation and maintenance, the mid-life upgrades and enhancements, the training of staff, the costs incurred by the Agency in managing the goods or service and the risk associated with the good or service.Many Agencies only focus on the ‘tender’ price, and if they do this, they are missing a substantial proportion of the TCO.We have deep expertise in deriving the TCO for tender evaluations and we are able to undertake a range of modelling scenarios to determine how the cost of a solution will change depending on risks and other factors over the life of a contract.Our team developed the TCO models for complex Defence capabilities applying a range of approaches and techniques to cover risk, rate of effort, efficiency, indexation and benchmarks.We used known parameters from proven platforms, cost data from other countries (US and UK) and monte-carlo approaches to determine likely cost based on the rate of effort and risk.Cost Reduction, Cost Takeout and Cost Visibility AnalysisThe traditional finance function is unable to support business with the identification of cost duplication, cost redundancy and cost inefficiency.Strategic cost reduction requires a different approach, and the approach must be business driven.
Our team have delivered a number of strategic cost reduction initiatives and focus areas have included ICT spend, SW licencing, contractor spending and overall project/program rationalisation.
We also deploy a prioritisation framework which provides additional transparency on an Agency's cost structure by identifying low-priority / high-cost activities, or where the cost allocation and priority assessment are out of balance.

Business Case, Investment Logic, Decision Support and Prioritisation

Business Case Design and Development35South can provide the necessary support and expertise to organisations to help them deliver successful business case documents to government.We have strong proven skills in business case documentation and planning with the development of a number of tools and templates that are tried and tested and meet the Government and Department of Finance standards.Our support brings with it quality templates cost models and supporting artefacts such as benefits management, governance, risks management, implementation plans costings, options analysis, risk registers, status update templates, and stakeholder engagement templates and stakeholder registers that will support the strategic direction of your proposed program.We also bring with us an understanding of the NPP process and connections and relationships into the AAU at the Department of Finance.The business case support and the templates and artefacts produced to support the business case are:- Proven, tried and tested
- Consistent and provides the support required for a business case submission
- Ensure appropriate alignment with Government budgeting requirements
- Provide additional robustness to the modelling outcomes
- Meets the elements of agile ways of working and the ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic complex work environment
- Delivers a successful business case submission to Government
We can provide the necessary support and expertise to organisations to help them design and deliver compelling and successful business case proposals to the government, including all of the associated and required evidence, documents and artefacts. We have broad and proven skills in identifying business cases and developing and documenting the required outcomes and specifications.We have developed a range of templates and tools to ensure we are able to efficiently and effectively capture the business needs and requirements and then assess the alignment to broad Government priorities and policy objectives. Many of our templates have been reviewed and endorsed by the Department of Finance.We can deploy agile teams, with broad skills and specialities to support Agencies with procurement proposals to Government. Our support also includes quality templates, cost models and supporting artefacts such as:- Benefits definition, measurement and management
- Governance and stakeholder engagement
- Risks management, risk register and treatment plans
- Establishment and implementation plans
- Costings models, the risk-adjusted and total cost of ownership modelling
- Options analysis and assessment models
Investment Logic MappingAll too often organisations are seeking investment from Government without really understanding the underlying problem that they are trying to solve.Investment Logic Mapping is a structured framework composed of a collection of simple common-sense ideas and practices that helps organisations direct resources to deliver the best outcomes.It helps decision-makers to understand and compare investment proposals across different areas of the business and has some confidence in the investment priorities that they set.The ILM is the foundation for good clear alignment of decision-making that is being applied across Government, Corporate, Academic and Not for Profit Organisations.Through a structured framework, it tests the evidence and logic of a ‘problem’ and the business case validates the quality and extent of the evidence that supports the case for investment. The logic of any investment can be easily tested, evaluated and communicated using simple concepts and language on single-page documents (e.g. Investment Logic Map).Through 4 two-hour workshops over a 2-3 week period, participants will test the rigour, logic and evidence of information to support the case for investment. This information is then methodically analysed and provides a clear simple, logically informed evidence-based outcome that can define benefits early and track them.Our team collaborate with our clients using this methodology to develop robust business cases, ensure investment delivers benefits, and enable decision-makers to prioritise investment decisions.Investment / Project / Resource Prioritisation and ModellingIn an environment of limited resources, changing priorities and increased expectations, balancing the allocation of resources to priorities is a challenge.Our experience in supporting Agencies with investment/resource prioritisation is well proven. We have supported Defence with prioritisation across the IIP as well as supporting Defence programs with prioritisation and assessment of savings initiatives to identify which activities to cut, that will have the least impact on capability and strategic priorities.We use a ‘multi-criteria decision analysis approach and have a proven model that can be deployed quickly across all environments.
The model allows the capture of broad stakeholder input and perspectives and allows for a range of options/activities/initiatives to be rated and assessed against the agency's strategic priorities.
The end result for decision makers is a transparent approach to determining high-priority activities, and equally important low priorities activities that should cease. As strategic priorities change, the model provides input into how the change will impact priorities going forward.

Modern Slavery Statement

Where possible, 35 South engages partners and suppliers that aim to support the community by employing vulnerable populations.We promote relevant businesses internally and procure from such suppliers for both internal needs and client work.35 South works with various suppliers across its offices for multiple services, including information technology, finance, marketing, and HR.We also engage in travel booking and transport services and catering and cleaning services for facilities management.While we deal with most of these suppliers directly, in many cases these suppliers will also work with entities with that we do not have a direct contractual relationship.35 South maintains a centralised email address for people to report concerns regarding modern slavery and unethical practices within the firm.The 35 South legal representatives will receive these concerns to determine the best course of action.Risks of Modern SlaveryIn terms of our people, the risk of there being any issues of modern slavery is low as our employment contracts comply with the relevant laws in each jurisdiction in which we operate.Regarding our direct supply chain, there is also minimal risk of modern slavery as our business does not intersect directly with any high-risk industries.We are, however, engaged with high-risk industries indirectly. For example, our building managers engage cleaners to perform cleaning services in our offices.35 South places a specific focus on preventing modern slavery from occurring through its adjacent exposures to high-risk industries associated with its commercial tenancies.35 South has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery.While we always seek to engage with ethical suppliers and vendors, we recognise the need to regularly review our policies and procedures as our business grows in both jurisdictional reach and operational sophistication.Any concerns about modern slavery in our business should be raised by emailing:

Privacy Statement

Who does this Privacy Statement apply to?This Privacy Statement (“this Statement”) applies to “35 South” (“we” or “us”), which includes the entities it owns or controls. We want you to know that we are committed to protecting your privacy and handling your personal information in an open and transparent way.What does this Privacy Statement cover?This Statement explains how we collect, handle, store and protect personal information when:
1. We provide professional services to you or our clients;
2. You use “this Website”; or
3. Perform any other activities that form part of the operation of our business.
When we refer to “this Website” we are talking about websites associated with 35 South. This includes;
1. Pages accessed using the; and
2. Pages or communications that link directly to this privacy statement.
Are all areas of this Website covered by this statement?Certain areas of this Website have separate privacy statements that apply to personal information collected via those pages.A separate statement may be necessary because of the nature of the personal information being collected (for example, information collected during the recruitment process) and to provide additional detail about how we handle information collected via those pages.What laws apply to us?When handling personal information we will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and other applicable legislation (such as Australian State and Territory health privacy legislation), as well as the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) and the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 (Cth).Where applicable, we will also comply with data protection laws of other jurisdictions, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).The APPs are legally binding principles that are designed to ensure that individuals’ personal information is protected throughout the information lifecycle – that is, from the time the information is collected through to its destruction. The APPs also give individuals the right to access their personal information and have it corrected if it is incorrect.We take our obligations under the APPs, Australian State and Territory privacy legislation and other applicable data protection laws seriously. Therefore, in addition to this statement, we also:
1. Maintain an internal privacy policy; and
2. Where appropriate, include terms in our agreements with our clients that describe how we handle personal information during the delivery of our professional services.
What personal information do we collect?We may be provided with personal information directly by our clients to enable us to deliver professional services or to perform due diligence checks before we agree to provide services. This information may relate to clients’ employees, members or customers or it may relate to third parties (for example, the spouses and dependents of a client’s employees, members or customers).As part of providing professional services to our clients, we may also collect personal information from other sources (such as directly from individuals themselves or information that is publicly available).The types of personal information we may collect or be provided with include, but are not limited to:
1. Contact details;
2. Dates of birth;
3. Gender;
4. Employment records;
5. Financial records;
6. Complaint details.
We may also collect sensitive personal information (also called ‘special category information’). For example, where we are provided with such information directly by our clients to provide professional services, or where we collect information directly from individuals with their consent.Where we are provided with personal information by a client, we take steps to ensure that the client has complied with the relevant obligations under applicable data protection laws in relation to that information; this may include, for example, that the client has provided you with notice of the collection (and other matters) and has obtained any necessary consent for us to collect, use and disclose that information.We also collect personal information (such as contact details and account details) from suppliers, contractors and third-party service providers that we engage to help us operate our business.Information we collect when we perform any other activities that form part of the operation of our businessWe may collect personal information when performing other activities that form part of the operation of our business, but which do not directly form part of providing professional services to our clients. For example, we might collect personal information from members of the public as part of undertaking surveys, research on current issues or as part of projects or initiatives we are conducting with other organisations.The types of information that we collect may vary depending on the nature of the activity. However, we will take reasonable steps to provide clear information about the nature of those activities and the purpose for which we are collecting your information.Protecting children's privacyWe understand the importance of protecting children's privacy. This Website is not designed for, or intentionally targeted at, children 15 years of age or younger. It is not our policy to intentionally collect or store information about anyone under the age of 15.How do we use your personal information?How do we use personal information collected to provide services to our clients?We use the personal information that we collect to provide clients with agreed services. We have an agreement with each client that governs the provision of our services and sets out the purposes for which we may use any information that the client provides to us (including any personal information).We use that information as permitted by the client agreement and we do not use that information for any other purposes, unless it is necessary to comply with a legal or professional right, obligation or duty.
Because we provide a wide range of different types of services to our clients, the way we use personal information also varies.
For example, we might use personal information:
1. About a client’s employees to help those employees manage their tax affairs when working overseas;
2. About a client’s customers to help the client improve the quality of the services they offer;
3. Collected by a client as part of their ordinary business activities in the course of helping that client restructure their business; and
4. Collected by a client as part of their ordinary business activities to help that client manage their cyber-security and other business risks.
How do we use information collected when we perform other activities that form part of the operation of our business?When we collect personal information as part of performing other activities that form part of our business, we will take reasonable steps to provide clear information about the nature of those activities and how we will use any personal information collected.We may also use non-personal, de-identified and aggregated information for several purposes including for data analytics, research, submissions, thought leadership and promotional purposes.How do we use information collected via this Website or through other sources?Do we use it to market goods and services to you?We may use personal information that we collect from you via this Website, through your interactions with our Partners and staff or through your attendance at events, to provide you with promotional materials, thought leadership or communications about services provided by us that we feel may be of interest to you.We may provide these materials to you directly (e.g. via email) or through third parties who provide us with marketing services (e.g. via your news feed in professional networking platforms).We will not use your personal information collected via this Website or through other sources to market the goods and services of third parties to you without first notifying you and seeking your consent (usually through a separate privacy notice).We may also use your personal information collected via this Website:
1. To manage and improve this Website;
2. To tailor the content of this Website to provide you with a more personalised experience and draw your attention to information about our services that we feel may be of interest to you;
3. To seek feedback on our services; and
4. For market or other research purposes (however, we will only ever report aggregated results of any research we undertake, and will never include your personal information in those results unless you explicitly give us your consent).

When will we disclose your personal information?We will only disclose your personal information as set out below. Importantly, we will never sell your personal information to third parties for advertising purposes or disclose it for an unrelated secondary purpose without your authorisation.We may disclose personal information to third parties that we engage to assist us in providing professional services to our clients or in the operation of our business (i.e. our subcontractors, advisors and suppliers).Where we disclose your personal information to other entities we will take steps to ensure that those recipients implement appropriate safeguards to protect that information from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure, and from misuse, interference and loss.We may also be required to disclose personal information to law enforcement, regulatory or government agencies, or to other third parties:
1. To comply with legal or regulatory obligations or requests; or
2. Where there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose.
We may share non-personal, de-identified and aggregated information with third parties for several purposes, including data analytics, research, submissions, thought leadership and promotional purposes.Blogs, forums, wikis, and other social mediaThis Website hosts various blogs, forums, wikis, and other social media applications or services that allow you to share content with other users (collectively ‘social media applications’). Importantly, any personal information that you contribute to these social media applications can be read, collected and used by other users of the application.We have little or no control over these other users and, therefore, we cannot guarantee that any information that you contribute to any social media applications will be handled in accordance with this Statement.On what basis do we process personal information about you?
Certain data protection laws, such as the European GDPR, require us to have a ‘legal basis’ for processing personal information. Where those laws apply, we may process your personal information for the purposes outlined above because:
1. You have consented to the processing of your personal information for those purposes;
2. We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information, which may be to:
2.a. provide services to you and/or to the entity that has engaged us to provide the services;
2.b. support the management of our client engagements;
2.c. evaluate, develop or improve our services or products; or
protect our business interests; or
2.d. we are subject to legal, regulatory or professional obligations.
To the extent that we process any sensitive (special category) personal information about you for any of the purposes outlined above, we will do so because either:1. You have given us your explicit consent to process that information;
2. We are required by law to process that information, for example, in order to ensure we meet our ‘know your client’ and ‘anti-money laundering obligations;
3. The processing is necessary to carry out our obligations under employment, social security or social protection law; or
4. The processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
How do we protect your information?We hold personal information in hard copy and electronic formats. We use a range of physical, operational and technological security measures to protect this information. These measures include:1. Staff education and training to ensure our staff are aware their privacy obligations when handling your personal information;
2. Administrative and technical controls to restrict access to personal information to only those people who need access;
3. Technological security measures, including firewalls, encryption and anti-virus software;
4. Physical security measures, such as staff security passes to access 35 South premises, appropriate security monitoring, clean desk policies and the use of privacy screens where appropriate.

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